Web Gallery Instructions

This page provides additional details on how to get the most from your wedding photography.  

By the time you access this page you should have received an email with instructions and a link to access your digital images.  Once you have been able to access your digital images here's some suggestions and instructions for how to get the most from those digital images...

  • Enjoy the photos.  The first thing I always recommend is to just browse the photos and enjoy the moments.  
  • Viewing your digital images is easy.  You can view the photos in two modes, the gallery mode gives you a photo-by-photo view and allows you to access a variety of different features from the web gallery.  The slideshow view is for when you just want to watch and automatically runs through your gallery.  
  • Sharing your photos is as easy as sharing the link, sharing individual photos or creating your own galleries you want to share.  
  • Prints are easy.  You can buy them anywhere you like or buy very high-quality prints directly from the web gallery.  Simply download your photos and use them to purchase prints from places like Costco, Walmart, Shutterfly, or buy professional quality prints through our web gallery.  To see the price list for prints from our web gallery you can click this link.  http://www.brettwernerphotography.com/prints
  • Create galleries of your favorites to make prints, share, etc.  You can create unlimited galleries of your own. You can make your own favorites galleries for different purposes (sharing with friends, family, etc) and if you are going to make prints it's an excellent way to pick your favorite photos to print and then save all of those as a file you can download.  
  • Download your digital images.  You can download a single images or a whole gallery at a time.
  • Additional information on prints.  I also put an article together that explains prints in more detail and the differences in quality between a variety of suppliers. http://www.brettwernerphotography.com/blog/2015/9/16/purchasing-prints-theres-more-than-meets-the-eye 
  • PHOTO ALBUMS:  Here some information on our own custom photo albums. http://www.brettwernerphotography.com/custom-photo-albums

We are very committed to helping our clients to get the most from their digital images.  Please do not hesitate to call or email and we will assist @ 949-214-6017 or info@brettwernerphotography.com