Mission Viejo/Coto de Caza

Thomas F. Riley Regional Park
30952 Oso Pkwy, Coto De Caza, CA 92679
My favorite OC park offers a rustic setting, rolling hills, lots of shady trees and easy parking.  
Scenery Rating:  9/10
Easy Parking/Access:  10/10
Sample Photos:

Laguna Beach

Treasure Island State Beach
Wesley & Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
One of my favorite spots.  This location has a gorgeous beach with tide-pools and beautiful rock formations as well as a natural arch.  The beach scenery aspect is quite a bit nicer than Heisler Park in most regards.  The trade-off, the parking is seasonal as well and a little more challenging than the easy situation at Heisler.  You can sometimes park in their parking structure but if not I can almost always find a spot on PCH.  Some walking required down stairs to access beach.  This location is about 10 minutes from Tivoli 2, about 4 miles South on PCH. 
Scenery Rating 9/10.
Easy Parking/Access:  7/10
Sample Photos:

Heisler Park
375 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Probably the most well-known location is right next to Las Brisas and runs along Cliff Drive.  Parking is seasonal, usually not too bad.  Generally an easy location, not much walking required.  The park itself is above the beach so it's a sidewalk above the cliffs vs. a sandy beach location.  We can walk down to the beach as well.  The beach is simple, no real landmarks that stand out but it's easy to access.  This location in just a few minutes from Tivoli
Scenery Rating:  7/10
Easy Parking/Access:  9/10
Sample Photos:

Casa del Camino & Nearby Beach
1289 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
This is an interesting option because it may be possible to get some nice shots off of the balcony at the hotel.  It's hit and miss though so can't guarantee anything.  There's a gorgeous beach in walking distance as well and some nice architecture.  The beach is a gorgeous sandy cove with rocks surrounding.  More of an ambitious/risky option but can sometimes turn out amazing!!  This location is 5 minutes from Tivoli 2, about 2 miles South on PCH.  Scenery Rating 9/10
Sample Photos: