Head Shots by Brett Werner Photography

Brett Werner Photography will take your personal brand image to a whole new level with quality head shots and portraits and bring out the best in your personality for business, personal, online dating, publicity or social media.

Our process helps you to do your best work while we do ours.  We can take your head shots in-studio, outdoors or at your home or office.  We offer a variety of styles and formats...

  • Traditional Portraits
  • Creative Portrait Sessions (editorial)
  • Head Shots (tighter crop)
  • Group Shots

We incorporate a variety of lighting styles based on your unique requirements. We have professional equipment, lighting and backdrops to fit any situation.

Please contact us at info@brettwernerphotography or call us at 949-214-6017 to book your shoot today.  





Portrait & Head Shot Products

Outdoor Head Shots (5 final images):  $200

  • 1-hour session
  • Any OC area location (LA or San Diego is $50 additional
  • Standard retouching on five final digital images
  • Advanced retouching only $10/photo additional

Basic Digital Package (5 final images)  $250

  • 1-hour session
  • Portrait lighting & backdrop
  • Standard retouching of five final digital images
  • Advanced retouching only $10/photo additional

Corporate Head Shot Package (3 final images/person):  $300

  • 90+ minute sessions
  • Portrait lighting & backdrop provided
  • Standard retouching of three final digital images per person
  • $75 for each additional person after setup.
  • Hair & makeup also available.   


Standard Package Features

  • All photos are processed for correct exposure, color, toning, sharpening, clarity, color, saturation and vignette.  
  • Photos are provided/delivered as full-resolution JPG files with no restrictions.  You can use, print, share them any way you like.  
  • Photos are delivered via private web gallery that allows you to download your photos directly to your computer or mobile device.  

Advanced Retouching

  • Our advanced retouching process provides perfectly retouched digital images.  
  • Eyes are enhanced, sharpened, color is enhanced.  
  • Skin is smoothed naturally.  Wrinkles are minimized.  
  • Blemishes are removed.  
  • Teeth are whitened.
  • Bald spots improved.
  • To see examples of our skin smoothing techniques, please click here.
  • Price for advanced retouching is $10/photo.  

Brett Werner Photography Retouching



This is a sample of a RAW, un-retouched photo prior to editing.  




This is a sample of a photo after standard retouching.  Color, tones, clarity, contrast are all adjusted.  Skin smoothing process is also applied.  




This is a sample of a photo after advanced retouching.  Additional blemishes are removed.  Eyes, teeth are enhanced.  Skin underneath eyes is smoothed to minimize wrinkles and any dark circles.  Hair fly away is reduced.  


Blog Post by Brett Werner on 5/29/2016.  

We have some pretty cool tips and tricks for getting quality portraits.  These tips can help if you are taking professional-quality photos or just do-it-yourself shots with your family.  Some of this is pretty basic but it's a good guideline to get your started.  I would be happy to hear your comments and recommendations on how we can make this a more useful tool.  Click Here to see, "Tips and Tricks For Quality Portraits: Getting Prepared for the Shoot."