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Questionnaire - Wedding Photography Editing & Delivery

Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for selecting me to be a part of this wonderful day.  

I would like to ask you a few questions about how you would like to see your wedding photography edited and delivered.  

The default is to let us do what we do and we are OK with that.  We apply the same process on all wedding photography packages for the most part.  However, if there are things we can do to adjust things just a little for you, please let me know by answering some of these questions for us.  

Name *
Photo Editing
Photo Editing can be personalized a bit. I'm just having fun here with these questions, but tell me how much you would prefer editing vs. natural looking photos.
Versions: Color, Black & White, Artistic
Color and Black & White Versions of your entire wedding package are included. Let us know if...
A USB stick is included as part of your wedding package. We can ship you additional USB sticks for $25/each. Please let me know how many ADDITIONAL USB sticks you would like to request.
Mail My USB Stick to this address...
Mail My USB Stick to this address...
Social Media Posts
We may post very select photos from your wedding on our social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. If you are OK with being included, no action is needed. If you prefer that we DO NOT include you, please click the box below.
Publications/Blog Post
We like to create blog articles on some of our favorite weddings and often send submissions to leading wedding magazines to share the highlights and to tell the story of our clients (how they met, planned their wedding, wedding tips, ets). Are you interested in sharing your story and participating in this process? It's fun!!!!