Client Wedding Details Input Form

We love to feature some of our couple in blog posts and on some occasions we submit weddings to publications to be featured in magazines and wedding blogs like The Knot and dozens of regional publications.  Getting your wedding published can be fun and can get some great exposure for you and all your hard work.

The questionnaire below includes some of the top questions we are asked by the publications that help to build a story for your wedding and provide information that is useful to the readers of the blog.  Other than your contact information, all of the questions are optional and are meant as a guideline.  You can provide as much or as little information as you like.  We also included a comments area where you can provide any additional commentary you like.  

Contact Information

Please include both Bride and Groom's names.  Contact info for one person is OK.  Some publications may want to contact you for additional details.  

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Bride's Name
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Bride's Phone #
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Groom's Name
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Groom's Phone #
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Wedding Date
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Tell us how you met? Who introduced you? Who greeted who first?
Is there a story to the proposal that you can share?
How did you decide on location? Venue? Timing?