Trey & Emily - USC Engagement Session

I recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful couple, Trey and Emily.  

Trey and Emily are getting married May of 2017 and are already busy working on invitations and save-the-dates for their special day.  The couple also requested engagement photos at the USC Campus, an alma mater for both Trey and Emily.  The result was a great engagement shoot and some nice moments I would like to share.   

For the engagement shoot, I met the couple over at the USC campus on a Saturday in July.   Without a lot of students around we had a very relaxing and fun shoot just strolling around the campus, taking advantage of the amazing and generous amounts of architectures, fountains and landscapes; a key factor in the couple's decision. USC has a strong and loyal tradition among it's alma mater but in the case of this couple, they literally met and fell in love on this campus so taking photos here was really a forgone conclusion.  

Originally from a suburb of Detroit, MI, Emily met Trey on a blind date for a luau party on the USC campus.  At the time Emily was a freshman and Trey, an OC native, was still a sophomore at USC.  They soon realized they wanted to spend their lives with each other and even began enjoying USC football as a couple.  

Apart from wedding planning and building a life together, Emily still finds time for jogging and creative endeavors like painting and crafts.  Trey is a big sports fan and enjoys catching the games with friends. 

The couple told me they were grateful for many things, but most of all, for the love they share. Trey added that he was grateful they were setup on a blind date in the first place and who can blame him.  

They are also grateful for the love and support they receive from their families.  I could see a wonderful humility in this couple that made me feel even more warm about the teamwork in taking photos together.  

Just another nice aspect of the USC location is the Exposition Park Rose Garden just across the street.  In minutes we had an entirely new playground to work with.  

I think this photo (above) is a great example of feeling a particular mood or attitude and projecting it successfully. When we took this photo, I asked the couple to walk with a little bit of attitude and swagger. As this happens to be a couple with a bit of humility, I love the result

I asked if Emily and Trey had suggestions for other couples that might be planning engagement photos. Emily suggested professional hair and make-up if the budget permits. Trey suggested being confident, loose and to remember to have fun with it.  I think we even joked about having a drink to loosen the nerves.  In my experience as a photographer, if the client feels comfortable and confident I can capture great photos.  I think they did a great job myself.

For me the engagement sessions are a wonderful opportunity to get to know our clients and to learn to work together to create beautiful portraits.  Much of the teamwork we do during the engagement session can be carried into the wedding, making things easier on the couple, more familiar, less stressful and ultimately more successful in terms of capturing the images we hope for.  

I do always appreciate beauty in our subjects, but most often when we talk about beauty, we find it to be the spirit of the subject.  The joy and positive energy within that makes any person beautiful.  We all have it within and it's a pleasure to have that energy manifest itself during any photography session.  

We appreciate your interest, opinions, suggestions and support.  

With much love!!!!!

Brett Werner Photography