Windansea - A true gem among many on the California coastline, and a great spot for portraits.

We have so many great locations we get to take photos and Windansea is of course a big favorite.  Located just south of downtown La Jolla, it's one of those perfect beaches that has it all; rocky formations, tide pools, sunset-facing, gorgeous features, easy parking and easy access to the beach itself.    

Windansea coastline area just south of downtown La Jolla, California.  

I just finished up a family shoot last week with this beautiful family that was looking for artistically styled shots and to update the family collection (newborn was added).  We met at Windansea and worked through all of the combinations of those that we had previously discussed prior to the meeting.  

One of the things you notice about this beach right away is that it's not just the same old boring sand.  There's beautiful cliff-sides you can walk down via the 3 staircases they have available and get to a variety of different spots.  This location is immediately below the stair landing so access is a breeze.  

What I noticed right away with this session was that we had a smiler.  This little boy was working the smile almost the entire time.  

He even delivered for Grandma....what a charmer.  They learn young I keep saying.  

In the case of these photos, my client decided to go with an artistic style in the form of Photoshop Actions.  This particular action is called American Honey by a company called "Greater Than Gatsby".  The actions provide additional artistic style to the photos.  We like to work with our clients to find a unique style that goes beyond the conventional.  

We also provide black and white versions of our digital files to clients for no additional charge.  

This is another rare non-sunset shoot that was actually started @ 9am.  If we are not able to take a sunset appointment we will try to still schedule the shoot as late (or in this case early) as possible to avoid mid-day sunshine.  

Hi highly recommend getting down to see this beach one way or another.  You might even run into Mitt Romney (lives in the neighborhood).  And if you happen to go, and you need updated family photos, give me a call.  

Thank you for visiting.