Wedding Portraits @ Huntington Beach Pier with Jason & Ariel

We recently had a summer wedding with a young and beautiful couple, Jason and Ariel.

On a hot Saturday in July the last place I would have thought to do couple portraits was the Huntington Beach Pier. But ambition was strong with this couple so I decided to throw caution to the wind and we found ourselves under the Pier on one of the busiest days of the year. There, we proceeded to capture some moments I knew I would be anxious to see and share. 

Under the pier we found the shelter of a cool shade and eyes of tourists. So when you have an audience, you might as well perform.   

Jason and Ariel had no trouble being comfortable for the camera. His casual style made him a great subject and Ariel was just absolutely stunning in her dress; hair and skin tones all were well represented on the gorgeous seascape canvas.  

That was the point when I realized we had not even approached the water...and off we went...

Typically I will place my couples in a comfortable position and allow them to be themselves. This has consistently been the best way for me to capture the moments that my couples seem to love the most. 

My job is simple placement and letting my couples develop the pose naturally.  

The pier and the frame it provides never gets old and offers so many ways to create unique images from basically one of the most-used locations in OC.

On some shoots I am able to get a couple to play out a scene. Here was a great frame for this couple to come together. The sequence would make a great album page.

And then there's the moment when I will ask a bride to take a walk away from me and look over her shoulder. It brings a pretty natural response most of the time. Less posing and more motion seems to be our favorite pastime. 

In the end, it was a wonderful shoot at a location I would have least preferred, which goes to show that ambition can pay off especially when I am working with a couple that cares so much about their photos.  

Jason and Ariel were so relaxed in working with me. We had a chance to talk and after all the work they put into this wedding they are very much ready to begin a life together. But before that, we had to get back to the wedding and finish the reception.  

And with that, it was time to cheer and be off.  ~Brett