Brett Werner Photography Web Gallery for Customers

As part of your investment with Brett Werner Photography you are provided with an online web gallery offering a number of very useful features including access to your photos from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. 


  • Each gallery includes your digital images as full resolution JPGs.  This provides you with the highest resolution files so you can create prints of virtually any size.
  • Unless otherwise specified in your contract your web gallery provides you with full rights to each of your digital images and provides you with the means to view, share, print and use each of your photos any way you like.
  • Your web gallery also gives you full access to download one or all of the photos in each of your galleries.
  • Our galleries are friendly to share.  You may share the link with anyone you like including friends, family and anyone else you like.
  • We provide you with some features making it possible for you to post photos and galleries directly to social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the link we provide you is open to those that have access to the link. We can password-protect your gallery if you prefer. Contact your client manager at Brett Werner Photography if you would like your gallery to be password protected. 


A useful feature included in our web gallery is the ability for our clients to make an unlimited number of their own custom galleries.  This is a useful feature for making galleries of favorites that can be used to build albums or purchase prints.  You can also create special galleries of certain photos for almost any reason imaginable.   

As you scan the photos, there are two views.  One is the view where you look at one photo at a time, the other is a thumbnail view.  In either case, you can select your favorites and place them into your own custom gallery.  Using the photo view, there is a button above the photo labeled "Add To Favorites".  On the thumbnail view there is a heart icon you can click on and off. Either of these methods allow you to create your own gallery of favorites...and you can do this multiple for sharing with family, one for sharing with friends, one for making an album, etc.

VERY IMPORTANT!  Please make sure to save your selection (after you pick your favorites) by doing the following.....
1.  Click the link on the top left:  Favorites:  My Selection
2.  Click the SAVE button.  You will be asked to register your name and email address.  This will preserve your selection.  You can click the same link to create new galleries also.

You can then share the gallery with anyone you like by copying the link or by clicking the SEND button. 

Anyone with access to your gallery can create their own custom gallery of favorites, and they can create as many unique galleries as they like. Some customers make different galleries for different purposes:  photo books, family sharing, etc. 


There are a number of products you can buy directly from your Brett Werner Photography Web Gallery.  These products include prints, albums, canvas, framed photos and a variety of other print products.  All of our photo products are high-quality and reproduce our digital images the way they were intended to be seen.  

Most products are color-corrected at the lab so the reproduction of your images will be of the highest quality available.  


If you have any questions at all, please let us know how we can help you get the most out of our web gallery features.  Please contact us at info@brettwernerphotography or call us at 949-214-6017.