What Happens After My Wedding

By Brett Werner

How are my photos delivered?  What format are they in?  How will I receive them?

In reality, our work really just begins after your wedding day. We put a lot of love into every one of your wedding photos and our team carefully brings out the beauty in each and every image. The result of your investment in Brett Werner Photography is beautiful digital images that capture those very special moments throughout your wedding day.  Immediately following the wedding your photos will begin on a journey of artistic digital processing that will result in gorgeous, vibrant, print-ready digital images that will give you a lifetime of memories. 


Brett Werner Photography Post-Production Process

  • Backup and Download:  Immediately following your wedding we transfer and backup your wedding photos to our servers to make sure your images are safe and secure.  
  • Photo Selection:  We carefully sift though and identify the most precious moments that tell the story of your wedding day and are delivered as part of your own personal wedding gallery.  Typical wedding galleries typically contain up to and sometimes more than 500 unique photos.  
  • Post-Production:  All of your digital images are carefully corrected for exposure, sharpened, balanced, cropped and readied for final processing.  You can see more information on our post-production process and actual examples of the steps by clicking this link.  
    • Toning:  All images are individually adjusted to create a dynamic range of highlights and shadows for artistic results that are unique to Brett Werner Photography.  
    • Calibration:  Every photo is manually calibrated for distortion.  
    • Sharpening:  We apply sharpening processes on every photo to enhance clarity.  
    • Color Correction:  All of your digital images are professionally color corrected so they look exactly as they were intended and will print in beautiful, vibrant, natural colors.  We go the extra mile to make sure your package is as special as the day itself.  
    • Skin Blemishes & Wrinkles:  We will put special time into those important portraits to remove blemishes and wrinkles and make your skin look as beautiful as possible without looking fake or photo-shopped.  
    • Skin Smoothing:  Our final step is to apply professional skin smoothing using Imagemonic's Portraiture software.  A quick run through this process makes your skin look beautiful and natural.  This process is typically applied to portraits and is not included on all photos.   
  • Special Editing:  Some major editing work may be applied in some instances to remove things like trashcans on special photos.  We can also do additional editing work at the client’s request for a reasonable fee.
  • Black and White Photos:  Instead of converting some of your photos to black and white, we go through your entire wedding package and convert every photo into Black and white versions so you have a color and monochrome version of every photo.  We do this for all of our wedding clients at no extra charge.  
  • Quality Control:  I personally go through each and every one of your wedding photos and make sure that our editing process lives up to the standard of Brett Werner Photography.  
  • Full Resolution JPG:  All of your wedding photos are exported as full-resolution JPG images to our servers, both in color and black and white formats. No watermarks, no limitations, just full resolution digital images from your wedding day.  No strings attached.  
  • Photo Organization:  All of your wedding photos are cataloged info convenient folders depending on the segment of your wedding day (pre-wedding bride, groom, ceremony, portraits, etc).  This makes reviewing and enjoying your wedding photos much more enjoyable.  
  • We Put Love Into Your Wedding Photos:  In the end a total of 30-50 hours of additional work is put into the process of editing your photos after your wedding.  We think our process delivers excellent quality so please be patient with the process and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your images in most cases. 

Primary Photo Delivery

All photos are delivered in two primary formats and additional products depending on the wedding package you choose. 

  • USB Stick:  A memory stick with all final wedding photos will be mailed directly to the address you assigned on the Wedding Info Form filled out at the time of the deposit.  
  • Web Gallery:  We will send you a link to access your wedding photos online.  All photos will be full-resolution and fully accessible to you online so you can view, share, download and even create your own galleries with the ability to post on Facebook.  The web gallery also provides you with a nice and easy backup of your wedding files. 

Brett Werner Photography Web Gallery

As part of your wedding package, you will be provided with a custom web gallery with your photos, free of charge.  Our web gallery offers some really cool features for our wedding clients to make viewing, sharing and organizing photos much easier.  

  • The online gallery gives you access to your wedding photos anywhere you can access the Internet. 
  • You have full rights to download any or all of your wedding photos.  Just select a photo and click the download button. 
  • You can create your own personal gallery of favorites; you can create as many galleries as you like.  Anyone (parents and relatives) can do this so the options are unlimited. 
  • You can purchase products directly from the web gallery.  Our clients can actually buy prints anywhere (including Wal-Mart and Costco); for most prints 4x6 and smaller, that's fine.  But when you are going to frame some of your favorite wedding photos, the quality of the print becomes much more important.  Consider purchasing larger prints directly from our web gallery.  These prints are produced by MPIX, a very high-quality printer that will deliver prints that are perfectly color-corrected and gorgeous on amazing quality papers (up to 24x36 in size). 
  • Because any friend or relative can save favorites, download images and even buy prints, sharing is easy.
  • You can post links directly to Facebook and other social sites directly from your web gallery.  

Photo Rights

You have full rights to share and print your wedding photos anyway you like.  You will receive the files in full, JPG resolution so you can print almost any size that is available. 

Additional Photo Products

Brett Werner Photography also offers a variety of products including:  albums, custom print packages, canvases and gifts. Please ask us about any of these services.