Laura & Matthew Wedding - July 19th 2015

Location:  Hidden Oaks Retreat Center, Rancho Cucamonga

On a rainy day in July we were lucky enough to be a part of this very beautiful couple's wedding at the Hidden Oaks Retreat in Rancho Cucamonga.  Laura and Matthew did an absolutely wonderful job planning, decorating and posing to make this one of our favorite wedding collections.  


One of the most well-known features of Hidden Oaks Retreat is the adobe bell tower.  Not only is it a great spot for wedding photos, but we could not think of a better place for this gorgeous wedding dress.  


This is one of my favorite accessory shots.  Laura picked amazing shoes and the rings just go perfectly together with this clean shot.  


Those precious moments getting ready with sister doing the final touches on Laura's wedding dress.  

Duvall-Tkatch Wedding-B-131.jpg


Absolutely one of my favorite shots of this bride in full gown and ready to get married.  She was prepared and calm the entire day and this shows in every photo, her poise, kindness and beautiful smile in anticipation of the upcoming nuptials.  


Beautiful windows make my day...and make beautiful photos.  


This is probably my favorite photo from this wonderful wedding, a very beautiful connection between sisters that shows a level of family and love that we enjoy seeing on each and ever wedding day.  

Duvall-Tkatch Wedding-B-222.jpg


Hanging out with the groom and groomsmen before the wedding, you see camaraderie and friendship in so many forms.  Being a photographer you witness how much friendship is truly out there and how deep those bonds are even between gentlemen.  


And when you can't choose between two close friends, you choose them both to be your best man.  


And why not run a few plays before the big game.


This is another favorite photo from this wedding that looks like an album cover to me.  The guys are looking very cool and collect in the moments before the nuptials.  I couldn't help the stylizing on these two photos to give them a little extra grit.  When we do this we will give the couple a clean version also in case the style is not preferred.  Sometimes this is just selfish on our part so we provide both versions.  


And then the rain came just in time for the ceremony, but everyone was prepared and safely nestled under this huge tent for a gorgeous ceremony between this beautiful couple.  

Duvall-Tkatch Wedding-E-3.jpg


Typically, when working with the wedding party, we loosen things up with a fun shot like this one below.